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I ended my 8-year tenure at Sitecore last week. One of the best parts of the job was doing a lot of market analysis, hardcore strategy work and getting to regularly chat and work with some of the best implementation partners in the industry. One of the worst parts of this was the fact that the majority of what I produced was for internal audiences only. So I intend to have some fun opining publicly about the general trends I am seeing in the industry (and worked hard to get into the portfolio).

It is clear from any regular commenter in the CMS or martech industry that things are changing extremely rapidly;

Late additions:

I respect these folks a great deal, and hope to be able to keep up with the quality and regularity of their output. My first blog post will be on CMP (Content Marketing Platforms). One of my big successes at Sitecore was working on the acquisition of Stylelabs and the CMP offering we prioritized and built very quickly. It’s an interesting new space which should become more foundational within large and brand-focused organizations, and change will be fairly rapid for various reasons I will articulate.

Post-script: I think Scott Galloway is one of the most entertaining thinkers in business today (the Vox Pivot Podcast with Kara Swisher is particularly great), and he had a tweet which felt custom-made for the occasion of my departure.

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