Marketing Technology Client Services

Content management consulting

Content management is a large, multi-disciplinary practice, encompassing a wide range of disciplines from design and creative, to information organization, to front-end and back-end coding.

Hiring an expert in the field can help with problems ranging from baseline understanding to advanced concepts.

CMS vendor evaluation

More than ever, marketing technology is an extremely complex process. With new approaches, vendors and the de-coupling of functions – where you may have evaluated from a small shortlist of vendors in the past – you now need to understand a larger ecosystem of approaches, pricing models and integration potential.

For an idea of how to run an evaluation process, consult this summary guide, or download the 60-page CMS Evaluation guide I developed while at Uniform:

Technology stack analysis

Digital transformation is often accompanied by a number of changes in systems, architectures, and approaches. Up-front analysis can help in setting clear expectations and timelines.

Questions to ask:

  • If your current systems are not meeting your needs, is it the software, the implementation, or the processes?
  • How can you migrate systems in a way that mitigates risk, but maximizes velocity?

Organizational readiness

With a change in vendors, there is often a change in approach – a move from waterfall to agile, or new languages and frameworks.

It’s important to ensure that a transformation project takes into account the systems, people and processes.