“Truly one of the CMS ‘GOAT’s”

Dom Nicastro – CMS Wire

“a Jedi-level master in this market”

Matthew Garrepy – CMS Critic

I have been at the forefront of a number of architectural and market shifts in marketing technology – from decoupled to coupled, to headless, SaaS and composable.

I’ve consulted and implemented CMS technology at some of the largest organizations worldwide and led product and strategy functions at vendors large and small.

I enjoy working with organizations on both sides – helping clients understand the digital landscape, but also helping vendors in developing and explaining their offerings.

By being at the center of both activities I can help my clients make better and more informed decisions about the differences in technology and upcoming market trends.

For marketing technology vendors

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Marketing
  • Sales Enablement
  • Thought leadership

For marketing technology clients

  • Content management consulting
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Tech stack analysis
  • Organizational readiness