It’s Not Me, It’s You, CMS: When It’s Time to Move On

How to evaluate new CMS vendors to ensure they match your organization’s needs 

At some point you know your CMS has to go, but then what? There’s a lot to consider. What are the options and pitfalls? Do you go CMS, DXP, or a digital experience composition platform (DXCP)? And what about headless?

Join CMS and customer-experience expert, Mark Demeny, to learn what the current landscape is in the CMS world and practical advice on must-do considerations when evaluating the fit of a replacement vendor.

Mark will cover:

  • The role of a CMS is in a modern digital experience stack and how to choose the right type of CMS to fit your business
  • How do you address your pain points whilst simultaneously minimizing the risk of making a change
  • How to run a modern evaluation process with a live walkthrough